Transforming Research Competitiveness

The ability for OU to compete more effectively in the national and international marketplace of ideas, people and resources.

  1. Big Thinking.
    Stimulate and support big thinking and transformative ideas, especially to establish national centers and major national research programs at OU. Develop a few major cross-campus themes that engage numerous disciplines and hold promise for propelling OU to international prominence.
  2. Proposal Development.
    Establish processes to nurture ideas and translate them into highly competitive extramural proposals. Improve faculty awareness and understanding of funding sources and opportunities, providing specific information far in advance of solicitation issuance. Assist in developing awareness of faculty capabilities/interests, and facilitate the building of research relationships within OU and between OU and other institutions.
  3. Faculty and Programmatic Excellence.
    Make research potential or accomplishment a fundamental characteristic of every faculty hire, and add outstanding new faculty, especially those with substantial leadership experience and potential, with attention to clusters. Expand quantitative analysis of research metrics and conduct competitive analyses at the university college, departmental and center levels to benchmark ourselves against other programs – using this information to inform strategies for identifying and addressing weaknesses and creating and taking full advantage of opportunities.
  4. Federal Agency Presence.
    Establish a meaningful presence of another (in addition to NOAA) Federal agency and ensure associated strong, sustainable engagement with multiple OU research programs.
  5. Graduate and Undergraduate Research.
    Develop an integrative program of undergraduate research containing multiple pathways and emphasizing the total professional experience. Improve the recruitment and retention of graduate students, increasing substantially the number of graduate students supported by extramural funds and emphasizing the enhancement of diversity.

Transforming Research Engagement

The ability for OU to engage across its programs, and with other organizations, aligning interests, building relationships, establishing mechanisms for pursuing new activities, and communicating OU’s strengths and capabilities to multiple sectors.

  1. Federal Agencies.
    Vastly improve engagements with Federal agencies, particularly DOD (including restricted research) and DOE, inspiring and incentivizing college and departmental leaders to play a central role in research planning and strategy execution. Improve faculty participation in peer review and agency/foundation advisory committees and play an active role in driving the national research agenda
  2. Private Foundations.
    Increase linkages with private foundations, especially for supporting activities in the fine arts, liberal arts, humanities, social sciences, and activities that seek to improve the human condition.
  3. Private Industry.
    Devise a mechanism for more structured and effective engagement in research with private companies, particularly but not exclusively those in Oklahoma, and evaluate the feasibility of special mechanisms for performing certain types of applied research and development.
  4. Inter- and Intra-Campus.
    Develop mechanisms for all programs, especially those in the fine arts, humanities, liberal arts and social sciences, to become engaged in sponsored research and creative activity and to collaborate across departments and college. Identify a few areas of potential strategic investment, both within and across campuses and involving multiple colleges including Law and Continuing Education, for which international prominence is attainable. Identify opportunities and mechanisms for collaboration between Norman Campus research and OU Outreach sponsored programs.
  5. State Agencies.
    Increase the alignment of research programs with the strategic goals and objectives of State agencies as well as the State’s S&T and EDGE Plans

Transforming Research Culture

An inspiring environment and institutional personality that fosters and rewards creativity and bold, transformative thinking, and that maintains accountability with the highest standards of excellence in all scholarly endeavors.

  1. Incentives.
    Create meaningful incentives and support mechanisms for faculty to pursue extramural research opportunities and to create opportunities of their own.
  2. Rewards.
    Establish appropriate and meaningful mechanisms to reward success in internally and externally funded scholarship. Ensure that rewards and incentives are appropriately aligned with the diversity of disciplines and approaches in the scholarship enterprise. Create award and recognition programs that highlight faculty achievement and thus help students recognize the importance of scholarly endeavors and inspire them in their own career.
  3. Directed Resources.
    Provide financial resources to seed new ideas at the college and departmental levels in ways that are linked to University strategic directions. Develop strategies to support core facilities and major equipment via shared models of engagement with other OU campuses.
  4. Standards of Excellence.
    Raise expectations for achievement and set higher standards for success in research and creative activities, including factors related to quality, participation, productivity, and achievement, applying metrics such as publication impact factors, rankings, and individual’s roles in advancing the knowledge enterprise.
  5. Accountability.
    Increase accountability at all levels and to a much greater extent base institutional decisions for tenure, promotion, salary, space and other resources on participation, performance and productivity in research and creative activity.